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Energy Consulting Experience

Randy L. Martin has over 15 years experience working in the energy efficiency arena.  He was involved in the active and passive solar design fields before working nine years for the state energy office in Iowa, three years for the U. S. Department of Energy in the Denver Support Office, and over a year as Director of Energy Efficiency Services for the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.

The primary expertise of R. L. Martin & Associates Inc is residential energy efficiency and energy information.  Randy has a background in architecture, specializing in the design of energy conscious and passive solar homes (see homes designed).  He ran the Energy Hotline for the state of Iowa for four years where he wrote and illustrated "A Builder's Guide to Iowa's IDEAL Homes," a book on designing and building energy efficient homes.

Randy also has experience in energy efficient swimming pools and in alternative fuel arenas. He coordinated the Department of Energy's RSPEC (Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs) program and the Clean Cities program for the Department of Energy's Denver Region.

Completed Consulting Contracts

Iowa Energy Center

R. L. Martin and Associates contracted with the Iowa Energy Center to produce a 16 page brochure and web site for the Energy Center's new Biomass Energy Conversion Facility.

Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA)

Quarter time Director of EEBA Western Office from September 1996 - September 1998.

EPA/DOE (through EEBA)

Coordination of the Resource Efficient Federal Buildings Symposium and Exposition at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. R. L. Martin and Associates coordinated the production of the symposium brochure, exhibitor information, local logistics and the overall symposium. Also produced a conference web site (no longer online).

Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU)

Development of residential energy efficiency program for municipal utilities.
Development of lender handbook on Energy Efficient Mortgages.
Developing builder and lender training materials.

U. S. Department of Energy

Marketing of the RSPEC! (Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs) Program
Writing three more fact sheets on pool energy management & producing web site for the program. www.rlmartin.com/rspec.


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