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Applegate Advising LLC, founded by Meg Matt,
provides customer satisfaction qualitative research, non-profit advising, customized speaker training, The Art of Networking workshop, and marketing advising and support.

Applegate Advising provides the following services:

Customer Satisfaction

This proprietary model uses qualitative research with both customers and client-facing staff. The result is a clear understanding of how you're perceived by your customers (your brand) vs. staff beliefs.
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Non-Profit Advising

Managing the Association of Energy Services Professionals  (AESP) proved to be one of the toughest and most rewarding positions of Meg’s career. When hired to be AESP’s president and CEO, the association was struggling to grow membership and increase its brand.
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Customized Workshops

Speaker Training : Prepare your presenters and client-facing staff with Applegate's customized speaker training.  
The Art of Networking: Meg has been teaching this workshop for over ten years. 
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Management Advising

Applegate provides management advising in the follow areas: 
--> Marketing/business development plans 
--> Management coaching on marketing and client retention 
--> Advising consulting firms and vendors targeting the energy efficiency industry
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